The Las Vegas Film Festival

LVFF is a celebration of cultural discovery through the art of visual storytelling. It is a festival motivated by cinema culture, community and connecting industry professionals with independent filmmakers from all around the world. Our goal each year is to inspire festival attendees and offer a creative outlet to passionate independent storytellers in the energetic theaters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you’re a filmmaker, festivals are usually the first place you screen your movies for a public audience. Hopefully the film is well received, wins awards and goes on to get a distribution deal.

If you’re an audience member, film festivals give you an opportunity to see films you may never see anywhere else, as wells as the chance to meet the filmmakers and cast. In Q&A sessions, you’ll hear behind the scenes stories and have the opportunity to ask questions. Attending a film festival is much more than just going to see a movie; it’s an experience!

Film Festivals also benefit the community, Our community is our passion – the restaurants, hotels, shops, bars and casinos all benefit from the festival attendees arriving for this annual cultural event – everyone wins!