All These Voices

Directed by David Henry Gerson | 15m | Shorts Block #5 / Fri, June 10 / 3:30pm / Fremont Theater

When a young Nazi finds a troupe of survivors celebrating the end of WWII in an abandoned Polish theater, he is forced to realize his role in their grief.

Cast: Harrison Thomas, Kristof Konrad, Beata Pozniak, Kinga Philipps, Anthony Nikolchev, and Kasia Kowalczyk
Additional Credits: Written by David Henry Gerson, Martin Horvat, and Brennan Peters | Produced by Beatrice von Schwerin | Cinematography by Eli Arenson | Production design by Daniela Medeiros | Editing by Spencer Koobatian | Casting by Stacia Kimler, Bialy/Thomas and Associates | Sound by Nathan Ruyle / This Is Sound Design | Music by Brian McOmber | Choreography by Celia Rowlson-Hall