Directed by Jeremy Cloe, Jerry & Mike Thompson, Cody & Ryan LeBoeuf, Adam Zielinski | 1h 40m | Tues, June 7 / 8:00pm / Inspire Theater

After a terrible day at work, Kelly comes home to find out a disturbing secret about his roommate. That secret forces Kelly to become a drug dealer for a day.In this quirky anthology, we follow Kelly as he begrudgingly embarks on an adventure to deliver four illegal packages in the wildest twenty-four hours of Kelly’s life. Each delivery brings out a new side of Kelly and pushes him into life adventures that he has always tried to avoid.

Cast: Lundon Boyd as Kelly, Pat Healy as Mr. X, Emily Davenport as Olivia, Voki Kalfayan as The Boss, Sergiu Iva as The Romanian, Luke Jones as Brody Hobbs
Additional Credits: Producer: Chuck Akin, Wesley Hirni | Writer: Jeremy Cloe, Mike Thompson, Cody & Ryan LeBoeuf, Lundon Boyd