The Track

Directed by Brett Caroline Levner | 1h 35m | Sun, June 12 / 4:00pm / Fremont Theater

When suburban mother, Caren (Missy Yager), meets a teenager working the streets of Las Vegas, Barbie (Mariah Kirstie), the result is a mother daughter relationship that may save both their lives.

Cast: Missy Yager, Mariah Kirstie, Sam Trammell, Michael Muhney, Mike Doyle, Bre Blair, Clarence Gilyard, Ryan LeBoeuf
Additional Credits: Producers: Steve Sole, May May Luong, Domenica Castro and Matthew McCue | Writer: Matthew McCue | Cinematographer: Clayton Moore | Production Designer: Molly Bailey | Composer: Diego Vega | Editor: Jason Edmistion