7 sweet tips for better orgasms with anal sex toys.

Unlike the love button for women and the penis for men, anal stimulation can be hit or miss when it comes to pleasure. Too soon? Everything will tighten up. Too dry? There's a good chance of cuts and tears. Too much action? It can actually be a little gross. Whether you're male or female, if you can feel yourself on the verge of an anal sex explosion but can't quite hit that trigger, we have 7 tips you can use to have a better orgasm with anal toys.


Use an anal douche beforehand - Unless you're clean and well prepared, neither a human nor an adult toy will be comfortable. However, don't use enemas - they are a medical procedure and are too invasive for regular play.
Make sure you are using anal-specific toys - sex toys made for anal play often have a flared end to prevent them from getting lost and are made of non-porous material so they can be boiled and fully sterilized.
Always use lube! - While your usual bits will happily do their own lubrication, your anus isn't always that useful. You should always use lube for anal play - saliva is generally not enough. If you use plastic or rubber toys, use anal-specific lube or silicone lube, but you'll need to use water-based lube with silicone toys.
Look for anal sex toys that feel real - Anal toys that are cold and too smooth can be off-putting to some people - try real-feeling toys made of cyber skin or silicone.
Try anal plugs - While the sensation of movement in the posterior can be a bit much for the first time, the gentle presence and stimulation of anal plugs can be a great introduction to anal play and anal sex in general.
Introducing Vibrations - Whether you're a guy or a girl, using vibrating anal toys can get pretty hot and heavy when used properly! Don't think that vibrating anal toys are something that only "advanced" users should try - the better your initial exposure to anal sex toys feels, the more likely you are to want to try them again.
Move on to anal beads - Unlike vibrating toys, anal beads are sex toys for those who want to start with the basics. They are pulled out slowly or quickly before you reach orgasm or as you climax. However, if you're still training with anal sex toys, you may find that the action makes you clench up ...... It hurts, you rip, and then you swear off anal play forever. Save them for later!